New life support campaign!
We support the debut of Happy Mobile Life.
Free initial cost for all plans‼
* Usually, the initial cost of 4,960 yen for the SIM plan and 6,960 yen for the router plan will be incurred, but 0 yen for the campaign!
Furthermore, the monthly usage fee is also a special price!
Please check the coupon overview for details.


We are satisfied with plenty of use!
There is no communication limit for 3 days!




* If the monthly usage data volume exceeds the plan upper limit, the communication speed up to the end of the month will be up to 128 kbps for transmission and reception.

Security options

[Wi-Fi router set plan] Target

Protect your Wi-Fi router from trouble

Happy compensation

(First month required) 500 yen

* You cannot reapply after canceling the option.

If you do not need the option, please contact us by the 27th of every month.

[SIM rental plan]
[Wi-Fi router set plan] Target

Protect your internet devices from virus threats

Happy security

(First month required / First month free) 500 yen

If you do not need the option, please contact us by the 27th of every month.

Router details

  • Model number: FS030WMB1
    Size: About 74.0mm in width X about 74.0mm in height X about 17.3mm in thickness
    Weight: about 128g
    Communication method (network side)
    LTE: Maximum 150Mbps for reception / Maximum 50Mbps for transmission
    3G: Up to 42Mbps for reception / 5.76Mbps for transmission
    Communication method (terminal side)
    Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11a / b / g / n / ac up to 433Mbps
    Bluetooth: Up to 3Mbps
    Continuous communication time
    Wireless LAN: Up to 20 hours (LTE communication)
    Bluetooth: Up to 24 hours (LTE communication)

  • Continuous standby time: about 600 hours
    Number of simultaneous connections
    Wireless LAN: 14 units
    Bluetooth: 5 units
    USB connection: 1 unit
    Security: WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
    Supported SIM: LTE Supported SIM (Shape: microSIM)
    Charging terminal: microUSB (USB2.0)
    Maximum charging time: Up to 3 hours (when using AC adapter)



1. Application

From the application button, enter the application page, enter the necessary information, and apply.

2. Payment


Payment by credit card. Please enter the credit card information used on the application page.

3.Product shipping / arrival

Delivered in a minimum of 2 days. * We do not ship products on weekends and holidays.

After arriving at the SIM and Wi-Fi router, you can use it immediately by performing the initial settings.

4.Setting and use